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Subscribing to Options Alerts saves over $550/month in subscriptions over subscribing to each service individually – PLUS you’ll be making money!

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Subscribing to Options Alerts saves over $550/month in subscriptions over subscribing to each service individually – PLUS you’ll be making money!

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  • R2K
  • Kumo
  • Ammar
  • AceOfTrades

Options Alerts Team

Options Alerts

Specialty: Swings, LEAPS

Options Alerts team consists of 3 analysts with 50+ years of combined investing & trading experience.

The team includes a software engineer, a finance manager and a NASA award-winning scholar.

Partner Service


Specialty: Day Trades, Swings

Uncle Iroh is the Author/Owner of AutoTrend, an algorithmic trading indicator specializing in very clear buy/sell signals.

Options Alerts has partnered with Uncle Iroh to provide highly profitable trades at an incredible success rate.

AutoTrend is available to the public: https://autotrendalgo.com/

Partner Analyst


Specialty: Day Trades, Swings

Kindredd is the founder of Trader Aid Analytics LLC and a widely recognized options trader with decades of experience.

First, Third, and Fifth place for Webull’s weekly stock trading competitions

Created an algorithm trading scripts to see price movements at different perspective for technical analysis

Futures Analyst (Series 3)

Successfully completed a 10k to 150k challenge in under 2 months (March 2021 to mid-April 2021)

Partner Analyst Team


Specialty: Swings, Day Trades, Small Accounts (<$100 contracts)

R2K is a team of analysts with extensive trading backgrounds using various proprietary indicators, scanners and FlowAlgo to deliver profitable trades.

The team boasts a 90% win rate and year-to-date have made over 100,000%+ in combined gains.

They have successfully piloted a 10k to 170k challenge, and are continually delivering new successful account growth challenges.

Partner Analyst


Specialty: Swings

Kumo is a software programmer with an MBA in Finance and 20+ years experience trading global markets.

Strengths include trading stocks and options using AI signals, technical analysis and trade management techniques provided in the alerts.

2021, Kumo has produced an aggressive 93% win rate following an 86% Q4 2020, and 78.20% overall 2020.

Partner Analyst


Specialty: Day Trades

Ammar boasts an 80%+ win rate with over 2000%+ gains monthly.

Ammar is able to achieve a high success rate using technical analysis best practices such as volume, support/resistance breaks, and trend lines.

Partner Analyst


Specialty: Swings, Day Trades, Small Accounts (<$100 contracts), Crypto

AceOfTrades is an Honors BComm graduate in Finance with over 5 years experience trading in financial markets. He provides premium personal alert signals of both scalps and swings – contributing analysis with these alerts via charts (technical analysis), PTs, SL, constant updates and market relationships for confluence/separation.

He specializes in momentum breakouts utilizing volumetrics, volatility, price action, and supply and demand zones.

He preaches consistency and money/risk management to ensure longevity in this space!

With AceOfTrades’ risky trading strategy, he still maintains a 91% win rate with only 2 recorded red weeks in 2021.

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