Once you subscribe, our 3rd party partner Whop will automatically grant you the role related to your subscription.

After subscribing, you’ll be invited to a Discord server and given a Premium role, which grants access to a variety of premium channels. Use at your own discretion.

We recommend reading through each Premium Alert channel and match each analyst with your goals, strategies & trading style.

We also recommend muting noisy channels to avoid alert fatigue. You can do this by right clicking a channel or category.

Our trade alerts are easy to understand. We will either spell our trades out clearly or use a standard format, depending on the trade.

Examples include:

Ex 1: Open ZM $380C 9/11 @ 8.70
Closed ZM $380C Sept 11 @ 14 from 8.70 (+61%)

Ex 2: Looking at ZM 500C 10/2, not in any position yet – currently at 5.4-5.6
Bought ZM 500C – high risk
Out of ZM @ 4 from 3.1 (+29%)

Formula will be: Ticker – Strike price – Call (C) or Put (P) – Expiration date – Entry/Exit price – % Gain/Loss

BTO = Buy to open AKA opening a position (debit)
STC = Sell to close AKA closing a debit position

STO = Sell to open AKA open a position (credit)
BTC = Buy to close AKA close a credit position

0dte = Zero days to expiration… AKA contract expires same day.

Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered. No one ever went broke taking profits.

Remember to always set your own rules for taking profits and do not wait for anyone else’s recommendation.

We aim to “scale-out” or slowly close part of a position, as early as 10% profits. Also remember to move stop-losses to break-even or green to avoid a winning trade becoming a losing trade.

No. We are not registered brokers and do not make trades on your behalf. We are NOT financial advisors and anything that we say should not be seen as financial advice. We only share our biased opinion based off speculation and personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk and you should always do your own research before making any investment.